GOTO EDA Day 2022

Thursday Sep 1
15:20 –

Advanced Event-driven Architectures at the LEGO Group


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It is simpler than ever before to design and implement event-driven architectures at scale. With AWS providing a wealth of services, developers can formulate ideas, design, implement, and release them at lightning speed. At The LEGO Group, we leverage these resources to build features quickly to deliver value to our customers. With a huge and ever-changing codebase, we need to decouple our systems in order to upkeep the speed of development. Event-driven architectures are crucial to decoupling and avoiding the notorious monolith.

In this session, we’ll be taking a deep dive into advanced EDA patterns at The LEGO Group, including data processing, data orchestration and cross-domain communication. We'll look at real examples to demonstrate how we scale to millions of customers globally.

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