Yan Cui
Speaker at GOTO EDA Day 2022

Yan is an experienced engineer who has run production workload at scale on AWS since 2010. He has been an architect and principal engineer in a variety of industries ranging from banking, e-commerce, sports streaming to mobile gaming. He has worked extensively with AWS Lambda in production since 2015. Nowadays, he splits his time between advancing the state of serverless observability as a Developer Advocate at lumigo.io and helping companies around the world adopt serverless as an independent consultant.

Yan is also an AWS Serverless Hero and a regular speaker at user groups and conferences internationally. He is the author of Production-Ready Serverless and co-author of Serverless Architectures on AWS, 2nd Edition, both by Manning. And he keeps an active blog at https://theburningmonk.com and hosts a serverless-focused podcast at https://realworldserverless.com.

Talks at GOTO EDA Day 2022