Testing in Production
Online GOTO Night

GOTO Nights are a series of community meetups that cover a variety of tech topics by our industry's top creators, builders and thought leaders.

Each event includes an educational and inspirational talk paired with a Q&A and a chance for attendees to network with like-minded developers in a casual environment.

Tuesday Jan 19
17:00 –

Testing in Production

About the event

By testing in production, you have increased accuracy of test results, your tests will run faster due to the elimination of mocks and bad data, and you will have higher confidence before releases.

During this GOTO Night, Talia will answer following questions:

  • What is the problem with staging environments?
  • What is testing in production?
  • How to implement it safely with feature flags?
  • Why its more beneficial to test in production?
  • What is the impact of testing in production?


17:00 | Welcome to this GOTO Night with Talia Nassi
17:05 | Talia Nassi will present his subject of the day
17:30 | Live Q&A with Talia Nassi
17:55 | Thank you for joining us for this GOTO Night

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